An innovative school in the bosom of Europe

High School of Kontariotissa Katerini

Greece, 2016


Funded by the European Union and the Region of Central Macedonia, Kontariotisa’s High School (Senior) has entered its third year of operation. A unique type of infrastructure for the standards of the rural community it belongs to, Kontariotisa High School is equipped with modern classrooms, lab spaces, a library and a multi-purpose room. These are spaces where teachers and students meet to exchange knowledge,to express creatively and collaborate productively.


Directed and Produced by: Konstantinos Alexiou, Anastasia Athanasiadou, Athanassia Bamicha, Maria Bamicha, Nikos Karathanos, Maria Kokkinoplitou, Kerassina-Despina Kokkinopliti, Christos Margaritidis, Eleni Zarkanela, Evaggelia Zkagia

School Project’s Supervisor: Dimitris Charitopoulos

Coordinator Director: Panagiotis Kountouras

Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras

Production Assistant: Anna Karmiri

Music & Sound: Vaggelis Fampas

Starring: Athanasios Vrakopoulos, Dimitris Charitopoulos, Afentia Dimaki, Grigoris Kalomoiros, Maria Papathanassiou, Konstantinos Alexiou, Anastasia Athanasiadou, Athanassia Bamicha, Maria Bamicha, Nikos Karathanos, Maria Kokkinoplitou, Kerassina-Despina Kokkinopliti, Christos Margaritidis, Eleni Zarkanela, Evaggelia Zkagia, Ioannis Stergioulas

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