Destination: Sapes

Multicultural Junior High School of Sapes – Komotini

Greece, 2017


This is a student documentary, about the everyday life of the population in the region of Sapes. 
A town in the county of Thrace that many years ago became the welcome land for refugees from Eastern Thrace, Pontus, Asia Minor and ex-USSR countries.
Once studying the history, customs and practices of the local population we took interviews and walked around the town streets recording on video the everyday life, the town architecture and nature in which local Christians, Muslims and other refugees of the aforementioned regions live in harmony.


Directed and produced by

Adamidis Victor

Kapoula Aikaterini

Balta Volkan

Mavridis Anastasios

Davidou Christina

Parsalidou Maria

Pechlivanis Stavros

Sevdinidis Aggelos

Skopianou Stefania

Termitzidis Petros 

Consulting Teacher:

Efraimidou Eirini

Vasileiadis Michalis

Film Directing Consultants: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras

Production Assistant: Papasotiri Maria

Music: Giannakopoulos Evangelos (kementze)

Kallianidis Evangelos (Song)

Kotsakis Evangelos (Gaida) 


Adamidis kanaris

Dimopoulou Antigoni

Balta Memet Osman

Thanks to

Keramidas George

Kotsakis Dimitrios

Lefkoviti Lydia

Stefanidis Anestis

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