For Some Inexplicable Reason

Reisz Gabor

Hungary, 2014


For some inexplicable reason, things do not turn the way we expect them to. People don’t behave the way we expect them to behave. Someone is not as bad or as sad as we suspected. Someone is smiling instead of being grumpy. This is a movie about Aron, a 29-year-old Hungarian dupe who just finished university and intends to start writing his book on Monday or maybe next Monday. He is not lazy. It is just that he is looking for himself somewhere. Aron is not sad and as dissatisfied as we expected for some inexplicable reason.


Gábor Reisz

Gábor Reisz was born on January 19, 1980 in Hungary. He is a filmmaker  and a writer, known for VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan (2014), Koncz Zsuzsa: Április hónapja (2006) and A tagadás oka, őszintén (2006).


  • VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan, 2014
  • Nekem Budapest,  2013
  • Külalak, 2011
  • Judith Keith, 2010
  • Valakinek a valamije,  2009
  • Öltöző, 2008
  • Jót és semmit,  2007


Director: Reisz Gabor

Script: Reisz Gabor

Cinematography: Gabor Reisz

Editing: Zsofia Talas

Music: Lorant Csorba, Gabor Reisz

Color: Color

Duration: 90’

Aron Ferenczik – Aron Szentesi
Miklos Horvath – Miklos Hamza
Balint Gyorivanyi – Balint Gyorvari
Tamas Owczarek – Tamas Juhasz
Roland Lukacs – Roland
Juli Jakab – Eszter
Katalin Takacs – Mrs. Szentesi, Aron’smother
Zsolt Kovacs – Mr. Szentesi, Aron’s father
Zalan Makranczi – Balazs Szentesi, Aron’s brother

FEST New Directors| New Films Festival 2015 – Winner Best Feature Film
Jameson CineFest – Miskolc International Film Festival 2014 – Winner Adolph Zukor Prize
Sofia International Film Festival 2015 – Best Director
Torino Film Festival 2014 – Winner Achille Valdata Audience Award, Best Feature Film| Winner Audience Award| Winner Holden Award for Best Script| Winner Special Jury Price






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