Friendship’s Experiments

1st Junior High School of Pylaia

Greece, 2017


The members of the film club of the 1st Junior Highschool, who are friends but also aspiring filmakers, invite refugee students in their class. The two groups get to know each other, play, and communicate through a set of Science and Chemistry experiments. As they experiment with the language of Cinema and that of Science at the same time, they discover that human relationships grow regardless of place of origin, gender or age.


Directed and produced by

Antonopoulou Georgia, Vasileiou Ioanna, Matzarli Evaggelia, Minovgioudis Menelaos, Ntani Leonidas, Papadopoulos Dimitrios, Poutahidou Despoina, Spyridis Konstantinos Evaggelos, Stavridou Evgenia, Taousiani Maria,  Topaloglou Konstantinos,  Tsantekidou Theopoula-Pavlina, Hamati Orestis, Hendry Giorgos, Hrysafoudi Melina

Consulting Teacher: Mosaidou Eirini

Film Directing Consultants: Panagiotis Kountouras

Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras

Production Assistant: Anna Karmiri

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