How to Save Mum

Poland, 2015


Adaś and Aneta are just average, ordinary siblings. 7-year old Adaś spends most of the time playing computer games. 15-year old Aneta loves books but spends most of her free time daydreaming about a prince charming.  Like any other siblings their age, they get into „fierce fights” against each other. Their mother’s unexpected illness brings them together and replaces quarrels with care and cooperation.  When the mother stays in hospital, the children are sent to their grandmother to the countryside. There, they hear about an old woman living on the marsh. The local people call her “Witch”. With the use of magic and sorcery she transfers our heroes to a secret, medieval world. The children must find the legendary Golden Drops that will fulfil their three wishes – including the most important one – health for their sick mum. However, there are two conditions for their expedition to be successful: on the way to get the Golden Drops, the children cannot harm anybody and the last drop must be the wish to come back to the real world. Adaś and Aneta only have a certain amount of time to find the Golden Drops. The passing time is measured with an object studded with diamonds, called the Silver Cyclone. Each fading diamond shortens the time left to the end of the mission.


Daniel Zduńczyk; Marcin Męczkowski



Director: Daniel Zduńczyk; Marcin Męczkowski

Script: Andrzej Surmacz; Daniel Zduńczyk; Marcin Męczkowski; Wioletta Pomorska-YangArt direction: BanovichTamas

Cinematography: Daniel Zduńczyk

Editing: Daniel Zduńczyk

Music: Sławomir Ruczkowski

Color: Color

Duration: 86’

Cast: Amination with voices

Aleksandra Kowalicka as Anetka

Benjamin Lewandowski as Adaś

Cezary Pazura as Chancellor

Maciej Stuhr as Znajda

Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka as Witch

Andrzej Grabowski as King

Tomasz Kot as Majordomo

Dariusz Gnatowski as Minister

Robert Gonera as Pirate Captain

Jerzy Kryszak as Fisher King


How to Save Mum has been the first Polish animated feature film in 5 years to be screened in cinemas.  The production has already proved an international success. How to Save Mum won the Best Animation award during the New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles and the 5th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2015 w India. The adventurous production was also chosen for official selection in numerous international festivals, including: Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival and 25th Cottbus Film Festival.

Krzysztof Połaski,



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