Lamia’s Cycle Lanes

4th High School of Lamia

Greece, 2016


Three friends on a bike ride take us through the most notable parts of their city, offering a different perspective of the urban environment they inhabit. Lamia’s bike paths and bicycle-friendly districts have significantly improved everyday life. Have they encouraged, however, bicycle workday commuting and was the use of automobiles reduced?


Directed and Produced by: Maria Apostolopoulou,  Niki Bartsoka,  Petros Demiris,  Aggelos Nikolaou,  Kostantinos Pappis,  Malvina Vergioglou,  Despoina –Eleni Xristopoulou

School Project’s Supervisors: Odysseas Gotzamanis, Triantafillopoulou Xristina

Coordinator Director: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Edited & Sound Recording: Savoglou Giorgos

Music & Sound Mix: Vaggelis Fampas

Starring: Odysseas Gotzamanis, Alexandros Sakellaris, Xristina Triantafillopoulou

European Films For Innovative Audience / Designed by Freelance Creative