Evening High School of Mytilene

Greece, 2017


Mytopia juxtaposes but at the same time intertwines the lives of two underage refuges, Faisal and Kazim, each becoming emotionally attached to a specific place in Mytilene, Lesbos. And it is through their eyes, voice, and the presentation of their own “utopic refuge” that we delve into two inner emotional journeys: one of melancholy and nostalgia, and the other of joy and relief. Both, however, dream of reaching a common inner destination, that of personal achievement and emotional fulfilment.


Directed and produced by



Consulting Teachers: Ioulia-Marina Sarantou, Despoina Verri

Film Directing Consultants: Eleni Galani, Niovi Zormpa

Edited by: Eleni Galani

Original Music: Massimo Santi, Ioanna – Maria Avraam

Musical production: Massimo Santi

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