Please, Mr Elephant

Witold Giersz

Poland, Warszawa,1978,


A full length animated film on the adventures of an elephant made of china who grew and came to life thanks to vitamins given to him by a small boy. Pinio, who is bullied because of his short stature, makes friends with a china elephant that he found. He feeds him large amounts of vitamins that he doesn’t want to take himself. The elephant called Dominik causes a sensation. After many adventures, when he is threatened to be sold to circus, Dominik gets back to his miniature size and Pinio takes his friend home.


Witold Giersz



Director: Witold Giersz

Script: based on a book for children by Ludwik Jerzy Kern, first published in 1964

Cinematography: Maria Niedźwiecka-Szybisz

Editing: Hanna Michalewicz

Music: Waldemar Kazanecki

Color: Color

Duration: 63’

Cast: Animation with voices

Ludwik Benoit – Dominik

Danuta Przesmycka – Pinio

Irena Kwiatkowska – Mom

Wiesław Michnikowski – Dad


Please, Mr Elephant, like most of the best examples of classical Polish animations, is a production that should be interpreted on several levels. The story about Pinio and Dominik is a tale of unusual friendship that helps the protagonists to “grow up”, get to know more about themselves and the world that surrounds them (the elephant learns to walk on his own which is not so obvious in case of a creature made of china). Giersz also shows the absurd reality in the times of the Polish People’s Republic, where some strange things became every-day reality only because nobody had courage to say aloud that they made no sense, for fear of not being supported.

Please, Mr Elephant seems a bit archaic today, revealing how old it is in almost every frame – dubbing is a bit “stiff”, the cartoon nature of the depicted world is too obvious and the character’s creation is based on the simplest movements and behaviour. And still the film by Witold Giersz is timeless when it comes to the contents and the moral lesson, regardless of merciless time flow and changeable trends in animation.

Darek Kuźma, “Proszę słonia”: perła z lamusa”,





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