Poddebice – City of sun

General Secondary School in Poddebice

Poland, 2016


A sunny small town after changes made because of EU funds – young people use the new facilities, meet in the renovated squares, spending a nice time together.


Produced by Journalism and Law class of Maria Konopnicka General Secondary School in Poddebice: Justyna Andrzejczak, Lilianna Burska, Wiktor Jewczak, Karina Kiejnach, Justyna Meszka, Wiktoria Nadarzynska, Martyna Pentela, Marta Salomon

School Project’s Supervisor: Wioletta Maas with the participation of Pose Group: Hubert Andrysiewicz, Patryk and Piotr Igiel, Radek Krzesinski

Music: www.bensound.com/riyalty-free- music

Artistic supervision: Pawel Jozwiak-Rodan

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