School Complex no 7 in Lodz

Poland, 2016


Prospects for young artists – how to appear in the world of culture/where to find funds. Comparison between passive, pessimistic and pro-active approach of young people dreaming about career in culture.


Directed by: Aleksandra Klak

School Project’s Supervisor: Beata Kluska

Photography: Dominika Marciniak, Mikolaj Bozyk, Olga Rzepkowska, Mateusz Sobocinski, Sebastian Jezykowski, Jan Szmilewski, Tomasz Melnykowicz

Starring: Mikolaj Bozyk ( as Misunderstood artist), Dominika Marciniak (as Underrated Artist), Mateusz Sobocinski (as Avant-Garde Artist), Olga Rzepkowska (as Samsel in Blanket), Tomasz Melnykowicz (as Decadent)

European Films For Innovative Audience / Designed by Freelance Creative