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Poland, 1960



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Topic of the lesson
Revealing the secrets of a detective film on the basis of Satan from the Seventh Grade

Prepared by: Izabela Pilis

Educational level:  primary school, 5th grade

Duration: 3 × 45 minutes

Learning objectives

  • learning the characteristics of a detective film,
  • the ability to characterize a typical detective,
  • comparing a stereotypical detective with the protagonist of Satan from the Seventh Grade,
  • creative approach to task performance,
  • group work skills,
  • using various sources of information.

Methods of work
flip teaching, working with a text, tasks developing perceptiveness and logical thinking, individual and group work

Course of the classes:

  1. Students are given a homework: finding a definition of a detective film. One of the students reads the definition. The teacher explains the more difficult words and phrases. Then the students choose the most important characteristics of the discussed film genre and try to find them in the film.
  2. The most famous film detectives. During the next part of the lesson, the students give presentations on the most famous film detectives (Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Jane Marple). They had 1 week to prepare their presentations.
  3. On the basis of Internet websites selected by the teacher, the students prepare presentations that should include such information as the most important films with those characters, their creators, their fictional biographies and the personality traits that make them great detectives.
  4. Adam Cisowski — a young detective. The students individually think about what personality traits make Adam Cisowski a good detective. They support their conclusions with relevant fragments of the film. The students should, first of all, take notice of Adam’s intelligence, his wit, ingenuity, perceptiveness and self-control, as well as the ability to notice and analyse even the smallest details in his surroundings and use his knowledge in practice. Then the students compare the young detective with other famous film detectives.

Supporting materials for the teacher:



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