Sea Garden

Multicultural High School Thessaloniki

Greece, 2016


A group of female students wanders in the gardens of Nea Paralia. Enchanted by Thessaloniki’s seafront regeneration, the group engages passers-by in conversation, interviews the project’s visionary architect and municipal councilors. Their gaze abandons urban shore and meets the blue of sea and sky.


Directed and Produced by: Rezarta Camperai,  Ornela Daout,  Frantseska Kanan,  Sachbazidou Marianna,  Si Chan,  Chatzopoulou Chrisoura,  Samkourasvili Sofia

School Project’s Supervisor: Ipliktsoglou Elena

Coordinator Director: Panagiotis Kountouras

Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras

Production Assistant: Anna Karmiri

Music & Sound: Vaggelis Fampas

Starring: Lina Liakou, Prodromos Nkiforidis, Konstantinos Zervas

European Films For Innovative Audience / Designed by Freelance Creative