Grand Trip of Bolek and Lolek

Nehrebecki Wladyslaw

Poland, 1977



  • To what well-known literary story does “The Great Trip of Bolek and Lolek” refer to?
  • Why do Bolek and Lolek embark on their great journey?
  • Why does Jeremiah follow the boys?
  • What countries and continents do Bolek and Lolek visit?
  • Which film genre does “The Great Trip of Bolek and Lolek” movie represent?
  • What are the characteristics of this film genre?


Scene 1: 0.50.0006.19.00 Start of the race
Scene 2: 18.37.0023.00.00 Meeting with Ali Baba
Scene 3: 1.30.401.40.00 Jeremiah’s metamorphosis


Scene 1. The start of the race

  • Who participates in the race around the world?
  • Why do the participants enlist and why do they fail?

Use the illustrations below as a hint.

bolek 1


  • For what reason do Bolek and Lolek decide to take a part in the race?
  • Why does Lord Fogg send Jeremiah to prevent them from finishing the journey?

Please refer to the adjectives in the table below. Are all these words clear to you? If any term seems new to you, ask the teacher for clarification or look it up in a dictionary. To whom do the words refer: to Lord Fogg or to Bolek and Lolek? Put the individual adjectives next to the relevant hero.
bolek 2

  • What does “motivation” mean?

bolek 3

  • What is the best motivation for taking up serious challenges?
  • Using examples from the movie, give examples of strong and weak motivation driving the heroes.
  • What is your motivation, when you face a difficult task?


Scene 2. Meeting Ali Baba and the 40 thieves

  • Do you know the story about Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? What is this story about?
  • How do Bolek and Lolek happen to meet Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves?
  • What do Bolek and Lolek think about the behavior of the Thieves at the beginning of their meeting?
  • Why are Bolek and Lolek initially afraid of Ali Baba and the Thieves?
  • What are the true intentions of Ali Baba and the Thieves?
  • Do you know the concept of stereotype? If not, ask the teacher or check the meaning of the word in the dictionary.

bolek 3

  • How did stereotypes affect the image of Ali Baba and the Thieves in the eyes of the boys and Jeremiah? Does this stereotype turn out to be true?


Scene 2. Meeting Ali Baba and the 40 thieves

  • What elements of Arab culture do Bolek and Lolek get to know during this meeting? Choose the right answer below.

bolek 5

  • Consider what elements of the Arab world you can find around you (think of the Arabic food that you like, the songs performed by Arabian artists, or perhaps your favorite Arabian fairy tale)?
  • What is the nature of the scene with Ali Baba – dramatic or humorous?
  • Does the Arabic adventure of Bolek and Lolek encourage you to get to know other cultures better? If so, create a comic story about your dream trip to the world of Arab cities, monuments and nature. Try to present in a form of a comic places that you want to visit or the Arab adventure you want to experience.


Scene 3. Jeremiah’s metamorphosis

  • Why does Jeremiah try to prevent Bolek and Lolek from finishing their journey?
  • Do you know the concept of intrapersonal conflict? If not, ask the teacher about it.
    bolek 6
  • Give examples of intrapersonal conflicts that you have experienced.
  • What was the reason for intrapersonal conflict of Jeremiah?
  • Which of the listed values did Jeremiah ultimately choose?

bolek 7

  • Do you think Jeremiah’s decision to quit the job at Lord Fogg is easy or difficult? Justify your opinion.
  • What values do you find most important in your life? Choose from the examples below, or select your own. Then put these values into the pyramid below, placing at the very top the value most important for you. Be ready to justify your choices.

bolek 8

bolek 9


Film Language Questions:


  • What is the convention of the movie (the way of representing the world in which the story is told):
  • realistic or fairytale?
  • humorous or dramatic?

Justify your answers.

  • What kind of animation is used in the film? (tick the right answer)
hand-drawn animation puppet animation plasticine animation 3D animation
  • How does the movie show the passage of time?
  • What is the role of costumes of the main characters in the movie?



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