The Great Trip of Bolek and Lolek

Władysław Nehrebecki,Stanisław Dulz

Poland, Bielsko-Biała,1977


The film tells a story of a trip of well-known characters: Bolek and Lolek, who became volunteers to repeat the achievement of a millionaire – Phileas Fogg, famous for going round the Earth in 80 days. According to Fogg’s last will, the person who repeats this achievement, will be awarded 20,000 pounds in gold. They are followed by Jeremiasz Pitsbury, a servant of Lord Fogg – a descendant of Phileas Fogg. His mission is to prevent the boys from completing their trip around the globe in 80 days. The lord wants to keep the 20,000-pound award as he is the inheritor. But during the trip Jeremiasz makes friends with Bolek and Lolek.


Władysław Nehrebecki,Stanisław Dulz



Director: Władysław Nehrebecki,Stanisław Dulz

Script: Leszek Mech, Władysław Nehrebecki. The scenario refers to Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

Cinematography: Mieczysław Poznański

Editing: Alojzy Mol

Music: Waldemar Kazanecki

Color: Color

Duration: 101’

Cast: Animation with voices

  • Ewa Złotowska – Bolek
  • Danuta Mancewicz – Lolek
  • Jan Kociniak– Jeremiasz Pitsbury
  • Wiesław Michnikowski – Lord Fogg
  • Andrzej Zaorski – Commentator
  • Zdzisław Leśniak – Reporter
  • Lech Ordon – Notary
  • Tomasz Zaliwski– Jimmi Pif-Paf / Old Priest
  • Tadeusz Włudarski – Captain of “Abatros” / Thief Abdulach
  • Kazimierz Brusikiewicz – Thieves’ Leader/Elephants’ Owner
  • Cezary Kwieciński – Mbu-Bu
  • Jerzy Tkaczyk –Indian Chief


  • The first episode of the series about Bolek and Lolek entitled “Crossbow” was made in 1963. For half a century the small protagonists won the hearts of almost a billion people, cartoons about their adventures being shown in 80 countries around the world. The inspiration for characters of Bolek and Lolek were the sons of Władysław Nehrebecki – Jan and Roman. Between 1963 and 1986 over 150 cartoons were made, collected in 10 series, as well as two full-length films. Bolek and Lolek first spoke in the film Grand Trip of Bolek and Lolek.

Dariusz Kuźma,

  • I am not convinced if the adventures of these characters have a chance to find their audience in contemporary children and young viewers who were brought up watching totally different cartoons, both from the point of view of their contents and technique. However, I might be wrong because the adventures of Bolek and Lolek display a lot of values, positive moral lessons and fascination with the surrounding world and its richness. They combine education with attractions, a simple formula with positive messages, they provoke hearty laughter, even half a century after their first broadcast.


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