Andrzej Maleszka

Poland, 2008/2009


Three siblings find a chair that fulfills wishes. Using this magic object, children begin search for their parents.


Andrzej Maleszka

Born on March 3, 1955, in Poznań – Polish director and screenwriter, writer specialising in children’s and youth artworks. He graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with a master’s degree in Polish Studies.

Both his films and theatrical performances convey the extraordinary imagination, unexpected ideas and all the positive energy of their creator. These are the most magical stories combining fantasy and modern realities. Everything is possible here: people speak feline language, a blue rose may grow on one’s head and a girl may behave like a TV set controlled by the remote control. Maleszka expressed his artistic philosophy in 30 films, most of them no longer than a dozen minutes and each of which forms a separate, inclusive entity, fitting the perception of children. Their finite structure enables the construction of a self-contained vision of the world using young actors who are directed with confidence. The ability to work with children is crucial for such projects and Maleszka succeeds in extracting genuine emotions and mature reactions from his cast.


1981: Ballada o Kasi i drzewie (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1984: Piąta strona świata / Ballada o końcu świata (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1986: Wielkoludy (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1988: Burza w Teatrze Gogo (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1988: Mechaniczna Magdalena (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1989: Strachy (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1990: Ofelia (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1991: Ofelia na wakacjach (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1991: Wieża Babel (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1992: Mama – Nic – screenplay and direction,

1993: Jacek – screenplay and direction,

1993: Jakub – screenplay and direction,

1994: Tośka (television play) – screenplay and direction,

1994: Przestrzeń Krzesimira (documentary) – actor

1995: Maszyna zmian – screenplay and direction,

1996: Maszyna zmian. Nowe przygody – screenplay and direction,

1997: Polowanie – screenplay and direction,

1998: Sto minut wakacji – screenplay and direction,

1999: Sto minut wakacji (series) – screenplay and direction,

2000: Koniec świata u Nowaków – screenplay and direction,

2003–2006: Magiczne drzewo (series) – screenplay and direction,

2009: Magiczne drzewo – screenplay and direction.


Director: Andrzej Maleszka

Script:  Andrzej Maleszka

Cinematography:  Mikołaj Łebkowski

Editing:   Bartosz Karczyński

Music:  Krzesimir Dębski

Color: colour

Duration:  90 min

Cast:   Maja Tomawska (Tosia), Filip Fabiś (Filip), Adam Szczegóła (Kuki), Andrzej Chyra (father), Agnieszka Grochowska (mother)


‘(…) Actually the most competent opinion about the “The Magic Tree” should be the reaction of children. And at the press release of the film reacted spontaneously: in the climax scenes warned the heroes screaming Watch out because they kill you !, freezing in motion, do not show boredom (…)’

Pinch of magic, some wood’ review by Malwina Grochowska


Film Education

Target group (stage of education): primary school (grades IV-VI)
Names of subjects (classes) on which the film can be used: Polish language, hour with class teacher, education for family life

‘ (…) This is a wise fairy tale about the need for possession and the danger of excess. The essence of this story is in the observation that greedy wishes will always end in catastrophe. It is worth discussing this problem with the pupils (…)’.


Main prize for best feature on  BAMkids Film Festival in New York (March 2010)

Grand Prix and Audience Prize on International Film Festival for Children in  Taipei/Taiwan (April 2010)

Grand Prix and Audience Prize International Film Festival for Children in Kristiansand/Norway  (Kristiansand Internasjonale Barnefilmfestival) (May 2010)

Main prize for the best film for children on 50. International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlin/Czech Republic (June 2010)

Audience prize in International Film Festival in Munich  (July 2010)

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