The yesterday’s Suppliants, the today’s Suppliants

2nd Junior High School of Ilioupoli, Athens

Greece, 2017


Harnessing ancient dramatic art and the values of freedom and democracy as agents of change, we aim to alleviate prejudices and stereotypical attitudes towards the “other,” to reveal the need of a progressive outlook in a society of pluralism, acceptance and creation. Bridging the past with the present, we created a short film titled Yesterday’s Suppliants, Suppliants Today, which marries Aeschylus’ The Suppliants with monologues by unaccompanied refugee children across the Aegean, borrowed from a publication by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network, with linking texts by Jeni Siouti. We also incorporated two verses by Adonis (Ali Ahmad Said Esber), translated by Marcello Pirar.


Directed and produced by

Despoina Antonellou, Foteini Vouvelli, Dafni Georgiadi, Kleio Georgiadi, Giorgos Zargiannakis, Ilias kardamitsis, Thodoris Kardamitsis, Vaso Karra, Olvia Kovani Komarova, Ioanna Kostogiannou, , Myrto Lavari, Lois Panagiotis, Eleni Markaki,  Emmanouela Meggouli, Thaleia Meggouli, Savvina Meselidi, Anna Mplouna, Stella Mpoutou, Κωστής Ντέντες Kostis Ntentes, Pantelis Paraskevopoulos, Aleksandra Parkosidi,  Aggelos Saltapidas, Fotis Saltapidas, Antonia Serlidaki, Giannis Spiliopoulos, Elisavet Stroboulakou, Paris Tsorovas, Athina Chioteli, Stavros Xristodoulakis

Cinematography: Yorgos Bakalis

Consulting Teacher: Tzeni Siouti

Thanks to:

Kalliopi Papaggeli,

Christo Christaki

Dimitris Zisi

Refugees of shelter Eleusina and

Μunicipality of Iliopoulis

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