TIFF’s EUFORIA Program 2015-2016 (Creative Europe – MEDIA) is completed


EUFORIA Program (Creative Europe-MEDIA): Completion of the first edition (2015-2016)

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival, main administrator of the European educational program EUFORIA (Creative Europe-MEDIA), is happy to announce that the first edition of the project (EUFORIA 2015-2016) is successfully completed with its last phase: the awards ceremony of the EUFORIA Student Digital Film Project, a special student documentary screenings event held on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at the packed TIFF’s Stavros Tornes theatre (Warehouse 1, Thessaloniki Port), as part of the EUFORIA program. Please note that the second edition of the EUFORIA program (2016-2017) has already begun.

The EUFORIA Student Digital Film Project included 24 short documentaries directed by an equal number of groups of Secondary Education students from Greece, Poland and Hungary, which are the country-members that form part of the transnational collaboration network of the EUFORIA program.

The documentaries had a common topic: the development of contemporary urban landscape by projects that were subsidized by the European Union. The students recorded this subject on camera in their respective countries and presented their documentaries to the audience in this special student documentary screenings event hosted by TIFF, in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The awards of the EUFORIA Student Digital Film Project

1st Jury Award

Greece: Sea Garden (High School of Intercultural Education of Eastern Thessaloniki). The jury’s rationale: “For successfully combining the stated requirements in an accessible, interesting, and playful manner”.

National Awards
Poland: Modern Lowicz Girl – “A funny and fresh take in a well crafted story about positive thinking, with very good cinematography and art direction”.
Hungary: Budapest for the Little Ones and the Grown-ups – “Clear presentation of the topic, connecting historical with changing modern times. Use of archival material adds another visual element to the film and shows how infrastructure improves everyday life”.
Greece:  Sunday in Monastiraki (2nd Experimental High School of Athens) – “The film gives voice to the polyphonic mosaic of people who live and work in one of Athens’ busiest and oldest public squares”.

Special Mention

Greece: Rotunda (Pinewood American International School) – “An appealing opening sequence which immediately engages its audience and invests them in the story”.
Hungary: Magic Wardrobe – “For its narrative style and successful depiction of current day Budapest”.
Poland: The Princess – “A magical tale which successfully imparts information in powerful suggestive storytelling”.