Athens Metic

1st Junior High School of Ag.Paraskevi, Athens

Greece, 2017


This is the story of Farouk Tuncay, a political refugee who escaped his country, Turkey, and came to Greece in 1982. Even though, after so many years, he has not been accepted as legal immigrant by the official Greek authorities, he has managed to be fully integrated in the Greek society, making his living as a Turkish language teacher and leaving between Athens and a farmhouse in a rural Greek area. The students visit him in his contradictory living and working environments – a foreign languages center in downtown Athens, and in his “isolated” farmhouse where he lives taking care of his cow, ducks, rabbits, vegetables, plants, flowers and everything that make his life sustainable and offer him personal happiness.

 Thanks to: Farouk Tuncay Maria Skiadaresi , Nikos Bozinakis , Nathalia Kouremenou


Directed and produced by Myrto Athousaki , Anna Giannopoulou , Markos Giannopoulos , Anastasia Konstantinidi , Konstantinos Piperas , Michalis Remountis , Alexia Skoufitsa

Cinematography: Fanouris Kazakis

Consulting Teacher:  Christos Tsakatouras

Film Directing Consultant: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

Edited by: Dimitris Koutsiabasakos

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