Refugee in my Homeland

1st Junior High School of Lagada, Thessaloniki

Greece, 2017


On July 20, 1974, 40.000 Turkish militants, violating the United Nations Charter and with the support of the Turkish air and navy forces illegally invaded the northern shores of Cyprus. This invasion resulted in the illegal occupation of 37% of the Cypriot Republic’s sovereign territory, around 4000 human life losses and 1619 missing persons. Additionally, 200.000 individuals were evicted from their homes and became refugees in their own country. Up to this day, the situation in the island remains politically frozen with UN Peacekeeping Forces entrusted to safeguard the UN Buffer Zone (green line) and to assist in the maintenance of the military status quo, considering that 43.000 Turkish troops are still deployed as occupying forces at the island’s northern part.

Mr. Antonis Mandritis internally displaced himself and currently Consul of Cyprus in Thessaloniki, and Mrs. Androula Michailou Economist and Tax Officer in the Municipality of Lagkadas talk to us about a life left behind in Cyprus, behind fences and barbed wire.

Thanks to:

Mr. Antonis Mandritis Consul of Cyprus

Mrs. A. Michailou (Internally Displaced Person from Rizokarpaso)

The Administrative Board of Lagada Baths for their hospitality

The Thessaloniki Cinematography Museum and its Affiliates for their assistance and hospitality

Mrs. Papasotiri Maria

Mr. Giorgos Raptopoulos


Directed and produced by

Anagnostopoulou Zoi

Aslanidou Ioanna

Bidis Konstantinos

Dimitriadou Eleni

Gossiou Andriana

Gossiou Maria

Karkatseli Styliani

Katsakou Ifigeneia

Klepkos Nikolaos

Kosaxi Ioulia

Malloudi Maria-Eleni

Matziaris Aristotelis

Mytilinaiou Christina

Papastergiou Ioanna

Satsli Alexandra

Statharidou Christina

Strantzali Panagiota

Theologou Varvara

Touboulis Nikolaos

Tseka Paola

Vasilopoulos Theodoros

Zavou Eirini

Consulting Teachers:

Kyrkatsi Eftychia, Gigantidou Valedini

Film Directing Consultants: Panagiotis Kountouras

Edited by: Panagiotis Kountouras

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